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Please check with the organisers for the last information on dates and times of the event

2024 April

Saturday April 20th until Sunday April 21st, Nordic Light Diving, Lund, Sweden

2024 May

Saturday May 18th until Sunday May 19th, Competition Diving part of the 'Tournoi Paris International' (Lhbtiq+ torumanent open to All), Georges Hermant swimming pool
8-10, rue David d'Angers, 75019 Paris. France

2024 June

Saturday June 8th until Sunday June 9th, International German Championships "Wasserspringen", Heilbronn, Germany

Saturday June 8th until Sunday June 9th, Open Finnish Masters Championships, Helsinki, Finland

Thursday June 13th until Sunday June 16th, SK Neptun Simhopp Master Summer Camp, Stockholm, Sweden

European Aquatics Championships (LEN), Belgrade, Serbia, - Dates on the LEN website are ambiguous, either June 17th until June 23rd or June 25th until July 5th

2024 July

Sunday July 14th until Friday July 19th, Tuscany Summer Camp for Master Divers, Italy, info here

Tuesday 23rd to Saturday 27th July 2024, Croatian Open Masters Diving Championships 2024, Reijka, Croatia

Sunday July 28th until Friday August 2nd, 2nd Tuscany Summer Camp for Master Divers, Italy, info here

2024 August

Monday August 26th until Saturday August 31st, Diving Master Camp, Foro Italico Piscina, Roma, Italy


FINA: 21th World Masters Championships masters, Singapore, Singapore - World Aquatics Championships from July 11th until August 3rd, 2025


2026 European Aquatics Championships (LEN) to be held in Paris-St Denis as legacy of the Olympic Games


FINA: 22th World Masters Championships masters, Budapest, Hungary


FINA: 23th World Masters Championships masters, Kazan, Russia

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